Relationship Studio

Relationship Studio is committed to helping you excel in all areas of your personal and professional relationships, from dating to marriage, right up to your relationships with your colleagues and superiors. They adopt the 2500-year old Enneagram Approach, a personality profiling tool that is a type instrument, exhibiting nine interconnected personality types. Relationship Studio engaged Gram to create a corporate explainer video to help spread awareness and educate the benefits of Enneagram profiling.
The following link is the Chinese Version which targets the Chinese-speaking population.
Click here for Chinese Version


Probate Enterprise

Probate Enterprise is your friendly, one-stop solutions provider of probate services. Their comprehensive and professional services give you the absolute peace of mind to know that your will is in order and not leave to chance. Probate Enterprise engaged Gram to produce a corporate explainer video for them to showcase their unique selling point as a probate service provider.

PE master logo [Converted]

Bridge Alliance

Bridge Alliance comprises of the best from the Telecommunication Industry. With a combined outreach of 680 million telecommunication consumers, Bridge Alliance provides seamless roaming and enterprise multi-country services through their alliance members. This collaboration effort with gram allows the company to provide complete solutions for its clients worldwide, and represents an extensive marketing effort towards the Asia Pacific region.
The following link is Bridge Alliance Chinese Version which targets Beijing, China.
Click here for Chinese Version


PROMOR is a marine company which specializes in Floating Production Storage and Offloading, and Floating Production Solutions. To showcase its patented FPSO, and FSO technologies, PROMOR engages gram to embark on using 3D motion graphics imagery to market its marine services. This video was subsequently showcase in a oil and gas mega convention in Houston, Texas.


Suncaged Analytics

Suncaged Analytics is a IT solutions company specializing in data analytics. With more than 10 years of experience, and clients spanning over 30 countries, the company is a leading intelligence data provider. This video represents a collaboration with Suncaged Analytics to design an effective corporate video to market its data analysing specialization for prospective clients.


National Trade Union Congress is the national trade union centre for Singapore. As the sole organization responsible for worker’s welfare, NTUC plays an essential role in the society. The following video illustrates a collaboration with gram to showcase the Progressive Wage Model which could potentially benefit Singaporean workers.

National Trades Union Congress NTUC Story Video

The Arts House

The Arts house is home to the old parliament building of Singapore. Now renovated as a a cultural symbol of Singapore’s history, it frequently plays host to art venues and major exhibitions. As part of a campaign celebration for The Arts House turning 10, gram came up with the trailer to commemorate the events happening from 26th March 2014 to 6th April 2014.

the art house animation