Video Tips

Top 6 Most Engaging Types of Video Content

There is no doubt that video has been proven to be one of the most engaging types of marketing content. With a large variety of the different types of video content that you can choose from, there are endless possibilities. Here are 6 different types of video content...

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Trello Review: Project Management made easy

Projects have existed since the beginning of civilisation. From building the colosseum to launching the new iPhone X, projects have shaped the world that we live in. One thing remains the same: project management. Every project requires good project management in...

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Freelancer vs Agency: The Pros and Cons

These days, there are no limitations when it comes to finding the right talent pool. Online platforms such as Dribbble and Cultjobs allows you to source for freelancers worldwide. Instead of painfully putting up recruitment ads and waiting for a freelancer to approach...

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