Corporate Video Production

We help you build trust through our corporate video storytelling techniques.

What is a Corporate Video and its benefits?

Corporate Videos are used to showcase an overview of your company, telling the story of your company’s journey, milestones and vision in a high-level manner.

Your corporate video story is meant to be authentic, engaging, and helps bridge your brand to your audience by appealing to them emotionally. This builds your corporate reputation in a subtle manner without hard-selling.


When and where do I use a Corporate Video?

As Corporate Videos normally include your portfolio, credentials, and vision, they add a lot of credibility to your company. Hence they are more suited to be used in the decision stage. They are most useful when your customer already knows which solution to use, and are deciding on the best solution provider. 

They are often placed on your website’s homepage, company’s TV or even at trade shows to give a high-level overview of your company. 

“Gram did our corporate video and we were so satisfied with it. Keep up the good work guys!

Nigel Lim, CEO of PayBoy

What makes a great Corporate Video?

 Company’s story and vision
 Milestone achievements
 Establishes authority and credibility
 High-level content
Services offered
Not more than 3 minutes

What is Gram's process for a Corporate Video?

We use a tested and proven video strategy for all our projects, and they always start with the discovery stage. This is where we spend the time to understand your business, the problems you are solving, your different solutions, the journey thus far, and how you are unique. 

Once we understand your company from a business point of view, we will craft out a script that provides an overview of your company, catered to your target audience. We will then plan the shots to film, and organize our crew to film your video. Lastly, we will edit your video with a mix of a creativity and strategy, to engage your viewers and inspire them to take action.

Tips on making a testemonial video

1. Make it sound natural

A testimonial video should sound as natural as possible. This is how testimonial videos provoke trust between you and your customer, losing that would defeat the purpose if having one. If the person that you are filming sounds too scripted, it takes away the personal feel of the video, which could backfire and make the viewer decide to not follow through.

2. Send the questions in advance

Yes, the answers have to be natural, however, it does help if whoever you are filming has time to prepare their answer. They don't have to write it down and read it out word by word, but at least they have a rough idea of what they re going to cover, minimizing stutters and pauses.

3. Pain Points

When a pain point is stated, its another chance for a viewer to relate to the video. Researching the types of clients that you are targeting and mentioning pain points that they most likely have is not a bad idea either.

4. Editing

Testimonial videos don't require a lot of editing. All you will really need to do is remove pauses, breaks or stutters other than that, leaving the video with minimal editing helps with the overall natural feel.

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