Motion Graphics


Motion graphics is another form of 2D animation. Instead of focusing on the story and experience, it focuses on conceptualizing. With motion graphics, your aim is to explain a complicated subject.

The viewer will walk through a complicated subject with icons and graphics to facilitate their understanding in the topic.

Explaining and conveying information involving data, numbers, processes, statistics and such is not an easy task. It is difficult to grab people’s attention and explain when the content you are presenting is chock full of data and numbers. But with motion graphics, all these complicated and boring information is simplified and beautified in forms of shapes and graphics.


Case Study

Here’s a video made using motion graphics – Secure Your Life Animation Explainer Video

Secur Solutions Group is a technology company with solutions in smart, card issuance, identity security, and digital engagement. They wanted to explain the dangers we face when so much of our lives are on the internet. It is easy to have our identity stolen, our information sold, hackers can even find a way to access our bank account. So Secur Solutions Group wanted to introduce a need for their services – which is to protect and organise your assets.

Due to the nature of the video, there is a lot of information and examples to take in. A storyline would not fit in this situation as there are too many examples needed. Due to its complexity, the examples also require context and further explanations. Thus, motion graphics is the best animation style to better explain the concept of danger without Secur Solutions.