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Corporate Explainer Video Portfolio

We are passionate about your success, and we go the extra mile for you.
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We helped UOB launch their EzyProcure Explainer Video

We worked together with UOB to produce a 2D animation explainer video and a testimonial video was produced to promote their new service, EzyProcure.

We created a 3 part Animated Training series for Uber’s new services

We supported Uber with their launch of 3 new services, UberFLASH, UberTAXI, and Uber Commute by creating a series of Educational Onboarding Training Videos for Comfort Delgro drivers and Uber commuters.

We do more than just Corporate Animation Videos.

While your branding journey begins with an explainer video animation, we provide comprehensive solutions for your video marketing strategy.

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2D & 3D Motion Graphics Animation

Our animation studio creates customised Animated Corporate Explainer Videos tailored to your business needs, explaining your products or services in seconds. We use character animations to help your prospects relate to you, or use simple but sleek Motion Graphics to deliver your brand’s message.

Corporate Video Production

Our Premium Corporate Videos help you to generate brand trust and empathy with your audience, no matter what your message is! Be it testimonial videos, live-action videos, event videos or product videos, we have experience. We integrate Motion Graphics to make them even more engaging.

Video Marketing & Websites

Our Gram Video Framework is a video marketing strategy that helps you to convert, and get deals with videos and websites. We first identify and understand your prospect. Next, we create a video specifically to target them. Lastly, we create a Video Marketing Campaign to reach out and convert them.

Selecting a Video Animation Company?

Here are 3 reasons why other companies love working with us.


A video for every budget.

We have different video service packages catered to you. Whether you are a new or established company, we will always have something that meets your needs.

Business Focused.

We solve business problems too.

Once we understand your business goals,  we focus on making sure our videos solve them, through simplicity and clarity, instead of focusing purely on design.


Every video tailored to fit your needs.

Everyone business has different needs. Our corporate videos are made with your business brand in mind. We work closely with you for an effective solution.

Hear what our clients have to say

We have supported companies small and large to win new market segments, educate new customers, and communicate internally to spread new beliefs.
…. I liked how they are very accomodating to our client’s timeline and open to feedback and suggestions. Their turnaround time is fantastic as well. Our client was very happy with the Motion Graphics video. Well done, very impressive! Koh Kai Xin

Co-Founder of Highspark

It was a great pleasure working with Gram. They exceeded expectations and delivered 3 high-quality corporate animation in a tight timeline, which led to the success of our launch. They are professional, reliable, talented, courteous and always quick to communicate! Janine Teo

Operations Manager, Uber

The 3D Corporate Animation Video was fantastic! I am incredibly impressed by what you guys have done in such a short time. The video attracted a crowd in front of our booth during the exhibition at the convention! I am very pleased with the outcome! Well done! Alan Hooper

CEO of Promor

How much will a lack of engagement cost you?

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You can also contact us at +65 9878 4339 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your free consultation.
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