Gram is a Singapore-based Animation Company. We create Explainer and Corporate Video to Help Businesses Convert Customers with Video Marketing.

Our Mission:

To our clients:
Producing educational media in the form of animation videos, to help our clients educate their audience and transform them to take the action they want. 

To our employees:
To be a place of constant learning and improvement, where opportunities are given to grow your knowledge and stretch your creativity, through the process of creating things.

Our Vision:

To be the best choice of video marketing for businesses.

We strive to understand your objectives first as it is our number one priority to help you hit your goals with our videos. By combining business and creativity, we produce a motion graphics animation video that in the process not only enhances your corporate image, but grow your sales as well.

Be it improving your brand image, getting others to know what you do, growing your online sales, securing a high-stake investment pitch, explaining a complicated concept, wowing others with your product, we help your business achieve its goals.

We always go the extra mile for you because we believe in forming strong relationships with our partners.

Why Do Our Clients Choose Our Animation Company?

Save Them Time And Money

We strive to make every animation video perfect the first time round. This is possible because we take the effort to research and understand your business. The end result is that you save both time and money.

Explain Complicated Solutions

Clients come to us with complicated topics and even send PDF or PPT filled with text. Our duty is to turn what they give us, into a beautiful animation that perfectly illustrates it to their audience.

Reliable and Professional

No matter when you need an animation video, even within the week, we do our best to deliver to you. Every video we make also looks at your overall marketing objectives, branding, audience and communication needs.

Experienced & Knowledgeable

 Almost every client that comes to us is from a different industry. In that sense, we’re truly industry agnostic. This has provided us with the experience and knowledge to deal with any kind of animation that you require.